The Awards

Film & Animation

Flatpack Award

Sponsored by Flatpack

Second Home Studios Award

Sponsored by Second Home Studios


Graphic Design Award

Sponsored by Z3

The Mirabeau Award

Sponsored by Mirabeau

Integrated Advertising Award

Sponsored by VCCP

The Studio Output Award

Sponsored by Studio Output

Beyond Boundaries Award

Sponsored by We Are Social


Illustration Award

Sponsored by Assosciation of Illustrators

Illustration for Design

Sponsored by Human After All

Illustration for Fashion and Lifestyle Award

Sponsored by First Steps Babywear

Award for Illustration Student with Best Potential for Creative Print

Sponsored by Rope Press


The Flash Centre Landscape Photography Award

Sponsored by The Flash Centre

Terri Manduca Photographers Agent Award – Documentary Photography

Sponsored by Terri Manduca Photographer Agency

Terri Manduca Photographers Agent Award – Fashion Photography

Sponsored by Terri Manduca Photographer Agency

GRAIN Documentary and Fine Art Photography Award

Sponsored by GRAIN



The Birmingham Repertory Theatre Award

The Casson Mann Award

Sponsored by Casson Mann

Live Nation Award

Sponsored by Live Nation


The MA Visual Communication Award

Sponsored by Hockley Mint


Award for Student of the Year

Sponsored by Jude Farr

The Branding Award for the 2016 Jude Awards

Sponsored by Viscom

VisCom Lifetime Achievement Award

Sponsored by VisCom