Chantelle Spindle

pic of me

Strong ambition to have a career in branding and advertising within the design and production department. Extremely creative and very enthusiastic when presented with a task or project. Willing to constantly learn and develop skills with an understanding that success is achieved through hard work.


Awareness Advertisement For Social Media and Fake Online Profiles

A designed, built and produced awareness advertisement, warning people about the take over of social media and the dangers of fake online profiles in today's society.

B&Q Advertising Installation

A designed and built advertising installation for B&Q, based on a fairytale style set, focusing on the theme of 1950’s women’s rights, brought up to date with the use of pop art.

Voodoo Themed Music Video

A group project producing, shooting and designing a voodoo themed music video for the song ‘Cant Getcha Out’ by Nat Jay.

WW1 Paper Installation

A group porject designing and building a full scale recreation showing life in the trenches during The Battle of the Somme, made entirely of brown paper and cardboard.

Madame Tussauds Exterior and Queuing System

A design for the exterior and queuing system incorporating contemporary technologies, at Madame Tussauds London.