Charlotte Banks


In my second year studying Graphic Design at BCU, I discovered advertising. I discovered a passion for big ideas. I now love the challenge of coming up with campaign ideas that are engaging and interesting, regardless of the platform. I currently enjoy working on digital design and editorial layout, and I also have a strong interest in photography.

I have had placements at agencies in the Midlands and am fortunate to be currently working as a Junior Art Director at an Integrated Creative Agency, where I'm learning and developing constantly.

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Launch a new bridal lingerie range for Freya


A bride will be moving all day on her wedding day. Dancing, hugging guests, throwing the bouqeut. The last thing she wants is to think about how much her underwear is rubbing or pinching her. Good bridal lingerie should look gorgeous and be supportive, but feel invisible. 


Create a campaign showing that the bridal lingerie feels invisible.

Encourage young people to drink more water at festivals.

Many people will drink too much alcohol and not enough water at music festivals, leaving them at risk from dehydration and potentially ruining their fun. Therefore I used a tone of voice normally associated with drinking alcohol but in the context of Smart Water to create a lighthearted campaign encouraging people to drink water. 

Drinks token

A token to be given out at festivals

Van giving out water bottles with a mirror on the side, so that when people walking past who might be hungover and looking a bit worse for wear see themselves, they pick up a drink. 


If you want a room at very short notice, you have limited options. Hotel rooms have limited availability and can be pricey. So to allow more people to be spontaneous and experiences whatever opportunity occurs, I created a new concept for airbnb. It is called arisns (short notice stay). Hosts can opt in to renting out a room for that same night, and users looking for somewhere to stay will be presenting with all of the available rooms to stay at that evening, according to location.