Fliss Morse


I'm a digital designer and a lover of all things beautiful. Although my work is mainly digital, I am multifaceted, with other passions including editorial and brand experiences. I believe the experience a user has whilst using a service should be seamless, whether it be online or offline it should be beautiful and fun!

I have been lucky enough to have work placements in some incredible design agencies over the last few months and have picked up many useful skills along the way. To find out more take a look at my website!


The future of ASOS

This year I entered the D&AD brief for ASOS. The challenge was to imagine the future of digital fashion, the next step after street style. ASOS is a global brand aimed at 20 somethings constantly glued to their phone that fashion should be integrated into life rather than dominated by it. From here I created Hush! Hush! connects users directly to the insider fashion world and the hush hush secrets by allowing them to get tips and style advice from celebrities, designers and stylists. The app acts like the users best friend and is intuitive, the more you use it the more personalised it becomes! It even allows the user to see the process that designers go through to create their new clothes, from inspiration to product. The users are then given the opportunity to customise the clothes to their tastes, which collects data for ASOS. This data can then help them to understand their global audiences even better. Other features include paying with a selfie to drive traffic back to the app and using virtual fitting rooms.See portfolio for the promo video!


DANDAD ASOS from fliss morse on Vimeo.


This year YCN set a brief which required me to write a suit of messages that would be suitable both in-store and online. They needed to be on brand and playful to make their customers smile. One of the messages was to promote their new 90 minute delivery service! So I decided to take it a little further and design a concept for this and named it Just In Time. From here I came up with the portable window shopping screen, the next step on from pop up shops. It acts as a giant iPad or a futuristic catalogue, the user can see some of the products available in the 90 minute delivery category and they can order them then and there to be delivered to anywhere they want. This is perfect for the modern working woman, order an item on the screen to have it waiting at the destination of your choice! Whether it be at the office, or even if you are at lunch. No more having to go out after work in the same clothes! See portfolio for the promo video..


oasis final promotional video from fliss morse on Vimeo.


When I was interning last summer I was given the opportunity to do work for the likes of MG3, Suburu and Isuzu. You can see my portfolio for more details on this. This was a conceptual design for Suburu's new mobile and iPad app. Focusing mainly on providing a strong but simple UX, with the goal to making it as easy as possible for the user through to purchase or book a test drive.

Thrift Shop

This brief was to re-brand the Polyvore platform. Polyvore is an eCommerce site which allows it’s users to put together sets of looks they like using their vast index of clothes, but more often than not the users cannot actually afford these sets. In the middle of the vlogger/blogger trend I started to notice that the Primark and high street dupe videos are getting more and more popular. The concept of the Thrift Shop was to generate cheaper duplicate sets to substitute the cost of the more luxurious brands. The users could then share these sets across social media and can also be added to the “better late than never” reminder alert that can be sent to loved ones- if they’re struggling for a gift ideas. Time to pop some tags!

Dissertation layouts

The subject for my dissertation was “What effects have digital platforms had on the fashion industry?” Through my research I looked into the transition from print to digital platforms to benefit brands and customers. I discovered that although digital can completely transform a business (take Burberry for example) there is still room for print and in store journeys, although they all need to be seamless. The journey for customers is no longer on a straight path, they expect to be able to access a brand via whichever entry they wish and it is up to a brand to meet these demands. I carried out case studies on Next, Burberry and ASOS to get a better understanding of the subject. I also decided to layout the dissertation into two editorial booklets to reflect the subject and make the information more digestible.