Naimah Begum

Hi~ I'm a Graphic Design student who loves to create digital and paper crafted work. I don't shy away from any type of project and I'm always up for a new challenge. I enjoy being hands-on with work and being creative any time I can, with my spare time used to work on papercutting, DIY vinyl toys, digital illustrations and personal sketchbooks.


If Typefaces had Feelings.

Putting the 'face' in typeface...what would they feel or how would the act if they were given a personality?

These are a set of 26 posters from A-Z of various typefaces.

Carrie's War

My entry into the Children's cover category of the Penguin design award 2015. 
The cover design was created by papercutting.


Entry for the 2014 B-Hive competition in the Graphic Design category to create an identity for a fashion retail company.

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Campaign to attract more families with children for the CBSO.
Stop motion video-


Created while at BCU's Foundation course, this was an identity design project for HMV.