Neil Bunce

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Neil Bunce’s passion for animation was ignited during his time at Bourneville College, where he explored stop motion and model making. At university he has explored 2D stop motion through paper animation with the film “Bird Wars”. Next came the film “Stained City” where he started to mix the medias of computer and traditional animation. These films have led to him to focus and apply his skills in projection mapping. This process allows him to mix all forms of 2D animations techniques from cut out (after effects), paper (stop motion) and traditional hand drawn creating spectacular installation pieces.


Paper Robot

Through the power of projection mapping the sculpture is given a new lease of life with traditional animation fuelling the digital. 

The piece consists of an hand made paper sculpture and vacuum formed tiny bots.

Colour is applied with projection mapping.

Projection Mapping Zoetrope

Inspired by Jim le Ferve zoetropes i decided to mix my skills in projection mapping with the process that he has invented.

The piece consists of a vinyl player that has paper cones upon it for the projection to projected onto it.

Stained City

The story behind the projection mapping was to show how modern city life is polluting the rural past.

The animation has been projected on to cardboard boxes.

The piece consists of hand drawn imagery with 2d computer animation.

Pirate Parrot Sculpture

Workshop run by Ben White on how to sculpt. This is the result from the 4 hour workshop all made out of plasticine.

Bird Wars

The story in this animation is about neighbours at war. The upper class bird is working on his nest making it bigger and better than the lower level bird. The Upper class bird doesn't care if any damage is caused to the lower bird as he sees himself above him. Until he becomes to greedy building to much and falling down the tree. This piece was inspired by the economic collapse.

It is a 2d paper animation stop motion.