Peter Coleman

I’m Peter, an aspiring freelance illustrator. When creating work, I use a wide range of techniques. Usually beginning with none digital media which is then arranged in Photoshop. My main focus is on the exploration of mark making and using textures to create strong graphic images.
Whilst not drawing, you will find me reading, from Brandon Sanderson to Jon Ronson. I love most genres.
I also enjoy writing, illustrating many of my own poems.
Recently however, my work has turned towards the political events that are occurring in our society and how art can inform and capture an audience’s attention.


Naked Stare

I cannot hear it,
but i know its there.
Your naked stare.
To you i am all bone.

Heavens are dark.

Hands reach down to help, 

but even the heavens are dark at times. 


My body is a mountain built out of regret. 
My mind just a skull laid bare. 
Floating above my precious soul. 
My love stands in the place between. 

No Bees, No Us.


Lord of the Rings

under the radar

Upon this Ditch