Ryan Bayliss

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Art Director of everything sassy. Creative Director of Save As Agency.

At Save As we work with motion to bring life to flat design, with aims to improve the businesses success and the connection between consumer and the product/service.

My favourite flavours of design are web and motion design, with a sprinkle of fashion film.



Segments from a High Fashion Womenswear Brand 'ROYA VAHDATI' that I Art Directed, Photographed and Designed. 

Roya Vahdati | Womenswear | Website | Branding | Lookbook

A complete project from Branding through to the Lookbook and Website. I took on the role as Art Director for this project and organised the photography, lookbook design and coherent branding style that follows through to the new website template. Roya Vahdati is a high fashion womenswear designer based in Birmingham and you can see her clothing at www.royavahdati.co.uk. 

Save As Agency | Placeholder web design

GAY - A Self Expression Promo Video

GAY - A Self Expression Moving Billboard Poster


GAY was about self-expression. I took three of my insecurities and fears and used them in a way that pushed past my comfort zone and pushed past boundaries of my usual 'design' work. I wanted to try something that caught attention, something that spoke more volumes than a standard mockup. Cinematography and Motion were my main focuses for this project to enhance and showcase my skills.