Sarah Sadler

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Hello, I'm Sarah. I have been studying Theatre, Performance & Event Design at Birmingham City University for the past 3 years and have gained experience and skills and hope to expand on them further.
I am interested in a variety of different areas but mainly I am currently interested in Exhibition/ Experience Design, Character, Costume, Creating Narratives & Illustration.


Final SketchUp Design For Discover Children's Story Centre

For my Major Personal Project I have designed an experience for children and families based on Mandy Sutcliffe's Stories and illustrations of Belle & Boo. The exhibition space is based at Discover Children's Story Centre as they create exhibitions/ experiences for children based on children's books & illustrations.

Final SketchUp Design Inside Belle's House

This is part of the experience based on the stories and illustrations of Belle & Boo, where children get to learn and explore by doing different activities in the experience and also get to see and meet the characters at the end of the experience while they are on a mission/ adventure on helping Belle find Boo who has gone missing and is hiding somewhere in the exhibition.

Map Of The Experience

This is the map I created using Photoshop and the different stages of the experience that children and families go through.

1. Entrance to the experience

2. Introduction to Belle & Boo

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

4. Paper Boat

5. Belle's Treehouse

6. Quiet Zone

7. Outside Belle's House- Vegetable Patch/ Garden

8/ Inside Belle's House- Kitchen & Bedroom.

Dress Up Options

In the experience children get the chance to dress up as one of the characters from the illustrations and stories.

Props For The Belle & Boo Experience

Here are some of the props I have made to be included into the experience

Inside the basket:- 

-Belle & Boo Hand Puppets

-Felt Food including Cakes, Biscuits Shaped Like Boo & Carrots.

Raggedy Doll Prop

This is prop I have made to go into the experience.

This is one of Belle's toy friends called Raggedy Doll and she is to be included into one of the areas of the exhibition.

Belle & Boo In The Kitchen

This is one of the scenes from my animation of my exhibition/ experience for children. It has been rendered in the style of Mandy Sutcliffe's children's books Belle & Boo and I have designed it so children feel as if they are stepping in to one of the pages of the books and feel part of the Belle & Boo world.