Shelby Chanes

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Studying Theatre, Performance and Events Design at Birmingham City University has really taught me a lot about the design industry, through theatre, film, costume, puppetry and even installation design, I have found that I really love designing for exhibitions and I hope to pursue this as a career.
My interest in this area has allowed me to teach myself a newer technology such as Google Sketch up and I now feel I am ready to take this to the next step and apply this style of digital design to my work in the future.


A Royal Transport Exhibition

For my Final Major Project, I designed an exhibition that looks at the transport the Royal Family use. The space is based within the London Transport Museum. Using Google Sketchup, I built two floors, all the transport that goes inside and designed the surrounding areas. The space is interactive and shows a combination of the evolution of The Royal Carriages, together with a cross section of The Official State Bentley, as well as The Royal Yacht Britannia and The Royal Helicopter. 

Please find attached link of Sketchup walk through:

Please find attached link of The Gold State Carriage walk through:

Please find attached link of The Royal Helicopter walk through:



My Negotiated Project consisted of creating an immersive scare maze. Using Google Sketch Up I transformed a space into an example of what my maze would look like and created sound effects to show how the live performers would come to life.

Please find attached video of walk through:


Lairs by WULF

 Our second year collaborative module consisted of a group of 8 students creating a music video to the song Lairs by the artist WULF. All props/scenery/sets and costumes were sourced of created by the group.

Please find attached music video:


The Norseman - The Figure in Space

The Figure in Space was a collaborative project that saw a group of students come together to create a life size installation of The Norseman using brown paper and card only.