Sophie Cartmail

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Undertaking several work placements within the events industry led to me realising my passion for hands on work for live events. I enjoy the unique thrill of working to a deadline that culminates with seeing an audience’s reaction to something which I have assisted in creating.

I have a particular passion for festival design and hope to be able to combine gaining experience within the industry and travelling over the next year.


The Masked Ball - Conceptual Designs

As part of my Major Personal Project I designed for The Masked Ball, a biannual festival held in Porthleven, Cornwall. I drew on previous knowledge I had of the festival from working with them in October 2014 and created an environment based around the theme of traditional fairgrounds. 

These hand draw and digitally edited sketches were used as part of a concept book I created as a way of presenting my ideas. 

The Masked Ball - Technical Drawings

The Masked Ball - You are now entering fools paradise

As part of my Major Personal Project I had the opportunity to work onsite at The Masked Ball, Cornwall. While I was there I designed and made a collection of signs based around road traffic signs which were then used to decorate the main entrance walkway. This image shows the largest of the collection during the festival. 

The Masked Ball - Collection of road sign inspired signs

Negotiated Project - Festival Design Scale Model

This oversized dolls-house area suitable for a festival was inspired by Jan Svankmajer's 'Alice' and provided the audience with an unusual experience consisting of an alternative tea party and object manipulation within the design.      

Boardmasters - Onsite work

For the past two years I have been a part of Boardmasters 'Theme Team', a small group with the resposibility of decoring the site, this is where my passion for festival design has developed from.