William Marler

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I am an award-winning animator and designer who has worked with high-profile clients such as Adobe, Fujifilm, Capital FM, and the BRIT Awards. Specialising in motion graphics and 2D narrative animation, my work has been part of Flatpack Film Festival two years running and been seen by over 5 million people on ITV.

At the very start of my course, I was selected by Adobe to be part of their promotional campaign "#madethis" and in January 2014 was featured in an advertising video and on marketing across social media and online.

Between 2014 and 2015 I taught the Creative Cloud programs on behalf of Adobe to students from many faculties at BCU, reaching over 300 students in both group classes and 1-to-1 situations.


Pep Mask

Pep Mask is a short animated documentary film focusing on a physiotherapy routine I complete daily to combat the effects of my Cystic Fibrosis. Exploring line, shape, colour, type, and pattern, I revisit an old memory from my childhood and reflect on the huge effort my parents have made over the years to keep me well. With a budget of approximately £100 and completed in a 7-month period, Pep Mask has been screened twice as of May 2016, including at the 10th Flatpack Film Festival.

Pep Mask from William Marler on Vimeo.

BRIT Awards 2016: Opening Sequence

I was hired by Professor Ravi Depress to assist with testing, filming, editing, animating, and compositing an opening sequence for the BRIT Awards 2016. With a choreographic centrepiece from Studio Wayne McGregor, a zoetrope stage design from Es Devlin, music by Stuart Price, and fashion from Gareth Pugh, we created a 1min 40sec moving image piece inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge and Étienne-Jules Marey that explored movement, the human form, and time. The project consisted of two days of experimentation, two days of filming with a core team of four dancers from Studio Wayne McGregor and TV personalities Ant & Dec over two days, a week of editing, and 3 days at the venue to ensure all details were perfected and refined.

Full Multi Screen Viewing courtesy of Ravi Deepres

Screen A

Screen B


Choreography and Direction - Wayne McGregor
Screen Content Direction and Creation - Ravi Deepres in collaboration with Steven Spencer and Luke Unsworth
Music - Stuart Price
Costumes - Gareth Pugh
Design - Es Devlin
3D Scanning - Apr Services, Tom Avery
Ant and Dec DOP - Martin Testar
Ant and Dec Lighting - Paul Burns
Screen Content Assistants - Alicia Clarke, William Marler, Mark Wright, Ed Tritton, Kelvin Wong, Alice Pace
Initial sequence tests and editing was created at Birmingham City University

Adobe #madethis Campaign

In January 2014, I was featured by Adobe Systems as one of 3 students in the UK who created work with their programs. My short animated advert Hands on Your Identity was the main focus of the film, which utilised a large range of programs from Adobe's collection. I was used as the face of Adobe's promotional material throughout the campaign along with photographer David Sheldrick and graphic designer Marina Viktorsson. Later that year I went on to become an Adobe Student Representative for Birmingham City University, teaching over 300 students during one semester in groups sessions and 1-to-1 setups.


Scratch TV: Head of Branding

From September 2015 to March 2016, I was Head of Branding at BCU's student TV station Scratch TV. In that time, I created over 12 title sequences, over 15 idents, and other assorted static graphics. I have also worked in the production gallery during many live stream shows in various hardware operator roles and also as director. My title sequence for Scratch Chat won Best Title Sequence at the 2016 NaSTA Awards, and 'I Am Human' (a documentary series focusing on mental health) has also been nominated for 2 awards - for which I created the title sequence.

Scratch Chat Branding Package from William Marler on Vimeo.

Scratch TV Title Sequences from William Marler on Vimeo.

Scratch TV logo designed by Lucas Carvill.


Elemental was a projection-mapping experience that explored Fire, Water, Earth, and Light. Using a custom-built digital mapping rig, visual elements were placed within a large room's environment covering 4 walls through the use of forced perspective. I worked with a bespoke fire dance routine from Pyro Productionz, ink in water filming in collaboration with Andy Pilsbury, earth environment illustrations by Daniel O'Brien, and abstract light imagery inspired by experiments from Vicky Neville. A branding package for the performance was created by Bailey Whitcomb, and its soundtrack is by Ben Weatherill of Birmingham Conservatoire (listen here). Elemental was performed at the 2015 Flatpack Film Festival.

Homer's Odyssey

Pivoting primarily on the use of sound, Homer's Odyssey is a short film depicting four books from the Ancient Greek epic poem. Mixing abstract audio, human voice, and real-world sound, I started with an acoustic description of the text, and then responded to those sounds through a variety of animated, textured environments.

Homer's Odyssey from William Marler on Vimeo.

Billie Jean Skeletal Rig

Using reference footage that spanned over 10 years, I animated a dot and line rig frame-by-frame onto footage of Michael Jackson performing his hit song "Billie Jean" to study the raw movement of the routine's choreography separate from other aspects of the performance such as costume and set design. The end result was an interesting representation of MJ's dancing, and revealed kinetic details in his performance that I only noticed after careful study and analysis. I later went on to create the same animated rig for "Smooth Criminal".

Billie Jean Skeletal Rig from William Marler on Vimeo.

BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts - Everything is in Pi

I created a visual companion to a snippet of audio from "Nothing" an episode from the BBC Radio 4 show "Short Cuts". The excerpt I focused on was narrated by autistic savant Daniel Tammet, and followed his story of reciting 22,514 decimals of Pi, with him describing his fascination with the number. Animated with Adobe Flash, the short piece explores the connection that Tammet has to numbers, including the concept of giving numbers personalities (something Tammet does instinctively as a synesthete).

BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts - Everything is in Pi from William Marler on Vimeo.