Theoretical Costumes for Durham Lumiere Light Festival

I was the Costume Designer and Maker of two theoretical character costumes based on the architecture and landscape of Country Durham for the Durham Lumiere Light Festival.

The costumes are two opposing sides of County Durham that come together to represent the county as a whole. Therefore I decided to concept of constructing a performance where a male and female character move separately around the city centre of Durham as a guardian representations of the city. The characters finally meet each other in the city square where they complete their performance piece of guiding groups of the audience around the city viewing the light installations.

The male character represents the hard architecture of Durham partially the architecture of Durham Cathedral which is rich in local history and carries many semiotics that are represented in the male costume. In contrast to this the female character represents the natural beauty of the landscape within County Durham. For example, the skirt of the female costumes represents the wild nature of River Wear which wraps around the city centre and flows into the rugged nature of the moorlands and forests of Wear dale.

To create this final photographs and promotional video I collaborated with the following:

Photographer -Paige Curtis
Camera Operator and Video Editor -Luke Horton
Lighting Designer and Rigger - Sam Holyhead
Female Model -Rachel Westhead
Male Model - Beau Wedge