Steroid Project

The project focusses on the use of steroids and image enhancing drugs (SIEDs). A substantial numbers of people across the globe have experienced health or societal harms related to SIED use. However, in many cases these individuals go undiagnosed due to little awareness and knowledge of this growing drug problem. For example, studies indicate that needle and syringe program (NSP) workers often are unfamiliar with the substances injected and the specificities of injecting practice and risk. As a result, most SIED users turn to their peers or the Internet to obtain information or to seek help, instead of through educational programmes or health care services. This focus of this project will therefore be on identifying and developing appropriate ways of providing credible information about SIEDs, based on the latest scientific literature, to both health care providers and users in order to reduce individual and societal harms.

In particular we want to use ‘art’ (graphic design and simple visuals) to communicate health messages. Visuals may provide people with the information they need in a glance, and engage viewers almost instantly leaving an impression behind that lasts longer than mere words (see appendix I as an example). Using visuals will therefore be a powerful tool to reach our target audience.

Rennia Richards

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