School of Jewellery Collaboration

On a walk through the Jewellery Quarter its history is glaringly apparent. The wrought iron work, sculpted door mouldings, darkened dusty windows, Jewellers work’s signage and peeling door paint. They all conjure up images of an earlier time, imaginings of fine jewellery, spy glasses and hammering tools.
Contrast this with the vibrant community that is the Jewellery Quarter today, old buildings neighbouring the new, lively cafes nuzzling together with quaint Jewellery shops. Todays’ new sleek buildings meshing with a by-gone time.
The inspiration for the illustrations were photographs taken around the Jewellery Quarter. Images were then drawn from these pictures, layered, combined and re-coloured, often with portions of a photograph, and made into complete images which are a combination of all the sights you might see on a visit. In themselves a celebration of the wonderful heritage of the Jewellery Quarter today.
All Jewellery photos courtesy of Birmingham School of Jewellery and participating students.