Before the Curtain Falls

This series of images portrays a behind the scenes insight into the dance and theatre industry. Combining photographer, Alicia Knight’s, passion for dance, she has been exploring backstage spaces of the dance and theatre community capturing moments before and after performances.

Within this project, during Knight’s final year, she has photographed auditions, rehearsals, costume runs, and technical/dress runs. For this she had negotiated access with a number of companies including the Hippodrome, Rambert, Humanhood, Shelley Eva Haden (SEH), Ace Dance and Music, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Acting and Motionhouse.

The trust built through her engagement with these organisations and their performers has often given Knight unrestricted access allowing her to photograph fascinating moments that usually go unnoticed. The photographs give an insight into the individuals, behind the characters you see onstage. Often their artistry and craft onstage masks the incredible amount of creativity and hard work that goes into a performance. In this sense the images are opening up barriers for people to learn more about the companies, their performers and what they do. Therefore, highlighting dance and theatre to a wider community along with showcasing everything that happens ‘before the curtain falls’.