Exploded Watch Movements

I developed this idea over 2 years ago, when I used to sell high end watches. One of the questions I was asked on a regular basis was ‘why is it so expensive?’

The answer was sometimes due to the materials (if there was gold included for example) but even if there was a precious material which added to the price, the answer was always because of how intricate and technical the movement was.

Unfortunately, with a lot of watches, the movement is hidden from the owner behind a metal case. Sometimes there is a glass back but even in this case, the whole movement is not visible.

I wanted to provide an image of the movement in a way that allowed the buyer to see each component, but there was nothing available for me to do so.

These images are a proof of concept to companies that could, and should be offering these kind of images as part of their marketing to their customers. People buying expensive watches are interested in what is going on within their watches, not just the look of it from the outside.

Jonny Wilson

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