Urban Remnants

The world is urbanising at an alarming rate with frightening results. Cityscapes are now one of the most visible signs of gross inequality and extended polarisation. Urbanization now tells the story of the haves and have nots, where some are socially uplifted at the expense of those who struggle to survive. One of the most noticeable manifestations of this form of social disparity is homelessness -people left without the protection of a physical space or the security that their inherent human rights should offer.

Urban survival is indeed one of the most egregious violations of human rights. Just as housing goes beyond four walls and a roof, the scope of the issue exceeds the lack of stable accommodation. When delving further into the issue, one comes to acknowledge that such suffering goes beyond the lack of basic corporeal dimensions, branching on to psychological and social matters such as discrimination, stigmatization, social isolation and far lower life expectancies than the average housed population.

This project treats the issue of urban survival as repertoire of violated human rights stemming from a series of imprudent political decisions and commitments which have allowed homelessness to grow unabated. I decided to convey the absence of humanity by eschewing direct and stereotypical representations; seeking alternative production techniques where the sufferers and the audience are not simply bystanders, but are rather invited to participate in the inception of a negotiated form of reality. It is of essence to state that an autonomously published journal is being sold in an attempt to financially support individuals experiencing homelessness.