Birmingham City Exhibition Design

This project was based on developing an artistic and visual response to Birmingham in our present day - a forever changing landscape that is constantly filled with cranes and construction.

I've been experimenting with a 3D structure that will act as an exhibition the public can walk around and immerse themselves into. Aiming to provoke awareness and questions about our current view of the city. Pushing attendee's to question space and location. This will work In conjunction with public art, acting as small teasers to the main exhibition.

‚ÄčThe forms and content will symbolically represent Birmingham's history, culture and current representation. The transparent pipe structure is built from this idea that Birmingham was built from their canal networks, something which made Birmingham an empire of trade about 200 years ago. The centre of trade between London and Manchester, kick starting there own industrial revolution bringing in thousands of people from around the country. On this structure, built from the canal map of Birmingham, is the cranes which hold these globes; These will house the different parts that make Birmingham what it is. With a mix of visuals showing the trade, people, culture and buildings of Birmingham as a few examples. Some will act as mirrors, refracting the landscape of the city as it is. If this was to be a built exhibition, I would love for some of the globes to be interactive, with live feed of the city, or knowledge and visuals.

This project was built from inspiration of the novel 'Invisible Cities' by Italo Calvino. I loved his inventions of different cities, what could be, what was. It inspired me to look at the current city I live in, and respond to it in a way which challenges spatial design and our perception of space itself.

Alexandra-jayne Galea

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