Dare to Dance

“Dare To Dance” is a personal project where I intended to create a fun animation for young children. After creating the animation I went on to further expand this project by making Dare To Dance a kids lifestyle brand by creating a collection of cards and clothing line. Created over three months, alongside other projects.

The animation tells the story of a shy leaf character who gradually gains confidence as the story unfolds, with the help of his new friend Birdie, a bright, confident, dancing bird. The moral of the story is that you can do anything when you are surrounded by friends that accept you and encourage you to just be yourself. The bright colours that increase as the animation goes on reflects the increasing confidence of the leaf character. The animation is aimed at children around the ages of 2-6 years as I think this age range would enjoy watching the brightly coloured and humorous dancing of the characters. The aim is also to help young children learn and relate to the emotions of the characters.