Eusty and the Severn

For my Major Personal Project I have been fortunate enough to work in collaboration with a Live Brief. The Project is to restore the last remaining Coracle shed in the UK, residing in Iron bridge and brought to life by the Rogers Family; a family of coracle makers dating back at least 250 years. Sadly, the last of the coracle men, Eustace Rogers, died in 2003, and the tradition or coracle making is facing being lost.

The Ironbridge Coracle Trust have been granted funding to restore the shed, and create a virtual museums to re-tell the fascinating story of the coracle men to a modern audience. They are also working on a heritage trail through Ironbridge to link the two sites, as well as workshops in coracle making and educational activities for schools.

I chose to follow the brief and work on it from a Performance Design approach. My project is a projected installation combining illustration and original photographs, telling the story of the Rogers family. As a designer with a love for local history, and being from Shropshire myself, I felt a personal connection to the story. I have explored projection mapping technology in response to the brief;

"Telling the story of the coracle men in an exciting and imaginative way...Magical and entertaining"